Free Agency/SBS has sent 185 players to play pro basketball the past 5 years.

Fred Moore Portugal 
BJ Gladden Spain 6
Jordan Garnett
All 3 players above attended the SBS Pro Invitational and were 3 of 39 players placed into pro jobs by Free Agency/SBS. Fred Moore (Shawnee State/Portugal), BJ Gladden (Georgia Southern/Spain), Jordan Garnett (Northern Kentucky/Cyprus)


This event is set up to give aspiring professional players information about the process of becoming a professional basketball player. Coach Michael Stinnett will evaluate players in drill work and team play, and also give them valuable information he has acquired through several years of experience in helping players play professionally. The key component to this event, is that it is in April, and will give you a big time jump start on making wise decisions on your professional future.


Overall Information

The SBS Workout is set up to give aspiring professional players exposure through Coach Michael Stinnett and his staff to professional clubs in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Coach Stinnett will evaluate players in drill and game play settings, and then will write up his report on the camp and send to all agents and professional clubs. Read about Coach Stinnett at the above link and his experience in helping players with pro employment. He has a good relationship with professional clubs and agents. He is not an agent but currently a scout for Free Agency Basketball based out of Spain. He and Coach John Tinsley (Regional Scout Free Agency Basketball/Spain) will conduct the workout. 



The workshop component will consist of Coach Stinnett giving his insight to players based on his experiences in helping players find jobs. The workshop will basically be Coach Stinnett's tricks of the trade that he has never before shared.

Topics: Selecting/Finding an Agent, Legit Camp Selection, Contacting Clubs, Video, Player Profiles, Financial Expectations (Look at Actual Contracts), Summer Workouts, Who to Listen To, Avoiding Scams


Workout/Game Play

Players will be put through drill work, and then a brief team practice. Then all players will play in 2 to 3 games. In addition all players will go through the workshop, and receive the information packet on how to go about playing overseas pro basketball.

"I enjoyed going against other high quality aspiring pros, to participating in the workship that includes everything you need to know and must expect about the overseas process. This in-depth insight you can not find anywhere else. After the workout I was offered my first pro job one month later." Trent Weaver Ohio Dominican (Current Pro in Luxembourg)

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